How Can You Be Successful On Patreon?

How Can You Be Successful On Patreon?

On YouTube, it is not common to find artists putting a request at their end of their video, asking you to contribute to their Patreon account to fund their productions. So what exactly is Patreon and how does it work?

What is Patreon?

Patreon is basically a crowdfunding website where creators and artists are paid by their patrons to continue producing their work. If you are a fan of a particular artist, you can make a contribution of as little as $1 to that particular artist’s account. Patreon dubs itself as a return to the classical model of patronage and it is a real boon to independent artists who would otherwise lack the finances to continue churning out quality content.

Is Patreon good for you as an independent creator?

For every dollar donated on Patreon, the creator will receive 90% of that amount, which is not too shabby. Patreon is excellent as you will have the chance to receive recurring funding on a monthly basis that can support your work. You can engage with your most loyal Patreons and provide them with rewards based on their amount of sponsorship. You can engage with your top fans, and your work could sometimes be directly influenced by your patrons. It is a beneficial relationship as you will receive the funds to do something you like and your fans can have the chance to receive rewards and continue seeing good art.

How do you establish a great Patreon campaign?

For creators, the hardest part is getting those first 50 or 100 patrons. Once you have a substantial number, donations will arrive more easily as prospective patrons will feel that you must be doing something right to receive those initial patrons. So how do you do it?

You need to establish a Vlog on your patreon page so you can explain what you are about and what you are doing. Jack Conte, Patreon’s CEO, highly recommends this step. Your audience has the chance to see your true authentic self. Your profile needs to be filled out in a detailed manner as well.

 Marketing is crucial. Let everyone know you are on Patreon and be honest and ask for support. It doesn’t matter if you are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Tumblr as you need to market yourself everywhere. You can look some up real creative strategies to ask people for their support. Connecting and interacting with your patrons on the activity feed page on Patreon is also essential to ensuring their continued loyalty.


How To Earn Money Through Swagbucks

How To Earn Money Through Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an incredible website that allows you to earn money in a million different ways, and it is a completely legit site. I’ve used them quite often through the years, and they have never delayed a payment once. They possess an A+ rating with the BBB, which is the biggest scam watchdog site on the Internet. ‘Swagbucks’ is basically the currency you have on the site which you can cash out to PayPal or whichever available mode of payment you prefer. So how can you earn via Swagbucks?

Search the Internet!

I know, it sounds too good to be true! Swagbucks’ search engine is powered by Yahoo so you will see the exact same results as Yahoo search. The earnings per search are pretty random and over time, it can add up to a decent pay day. Set it as your default search bar and continue searching!

Install the Swagbucks toolbar and earn with swag codes

By installing the Swagbucks toolbar, you can conduct Internet searches far more easily. You will also receive tons of free Swag codes in the toolbar which you can add to your account to receive free bonus swag points. In addition, every day when you reboot your computer you will receive 1 Swagbucks point.

 Watch videos

 Yes, Swagbucks will really pay you to watch videos for points. They have videos in a wide range of categories for you, but they limit the earning for videos to 75 per day. You can do this via Swagbucks TV, and you need to watch 10 videos to ear three points. You can earn money by simply leaving these videos running while you are working on other tasks.

 Perform swag tasks

 The website has a wide variety of tasks that you can complete online and earn up to 40 Swagbucks. No two tasks are the same, and they can be time consuming. I would recommend this method only if you have a lot of time on your hands.

 Shop via Swagbucks

 If you shop via Swagbucks, you can click on your favorite store to earn rewards, which basically amounts to cashback on a purchase made. For example, Amazon pays 3 Swagbucks for every dollar spent, so you are essentially earning a cashback of 3%. This is an excellent way to make cash without doing anything apart from shopping, and it is perfect for people who shop online a lot.


Take paid surveys and get rich!

Take paid surveys and get rich!

Okay, not rich exactly, but you can earn a fair deal of money. There are numerous websites that will pay you to take surveys on the Internet and allow you to earn a decent income, especially if you are a student or unemployed. Research companies are always looking out for new people to fill out surveys and test new products. It is a perfect income stream for someone with a little time on their hands and seek to get paid while using the Internet at home!

How do such sites work?

Of course, no one is going to pay you right off the bat. In most cases, you will need to fill out a comprehensive demographic profile so the website can figure out which surveys you can fit into. Certain websites may require you to complete a few qualifying tasks before they start sending you surveys. The amount of money you make will depend on the site you join and the nature of surveys you are complete. Nearly all of these sites will pay you via PayPal unless specified otherwise.


This is a website that will pay you based on how many points you earn. You can redeem your points earned for completing surveys for cash or prizes as is your need. You will earn $10 for every 1000 points.


Toluna will provide you with 500 points when you sign up and the site will allow you to redeem your points for cash when you reach 60,000 points. It may not be a popular strategy, but it is quite efficient as the site can expect a steady stream of work from people and people are less likely to bail as their points total increase.


This site has no minimum cash out stage and they will pay you $50 for a survey of 7 questions! The catch is that they are video surveys, and you can apply for a survey by completing a few MCQs. Sites like MindSwarms are pretty rare as they pay you within 24 hours of completion and there is no waiting period.


Another site with no minimum cash out, they have some of the highest paying surveys depending on the length of the survey. You can also get paid for direct and indirect referrals, and you can earn up to $2 for every survey a direct referral completes. Unlike most companies, they will pay you by check.

There are tons of other survey sites out there and you may need to hunt a little to find the best deal, but it is an incredibly easy way of making money.



Ways to Earn Money by Watching Videos

Ways to Earn Money by Watching Videos

We often think that the only way to earn cash from TV is by having a career in the TV or movie industry. However, through this channel of earning, you do not even need to be part of an advertising agency. All you need to do is watch some movies, TV shows, YouTube or TV commercials. However, this is not a steady full-time income but a great way to earn some extra cash.

It might require you to sit in front of the TV for long hours, but for those of us who love watching TV, this could be a great opportunity. Some opportunities are not as high paying as others, but we are going to list them all anyway.

Here is a list of “earn money from watching videos” opportunities.


Viggle pays you for watching TV shows and listening to music. You can even use the Viggle app to download it on your phone or other smart devices. Viggle pays you using points. You can redeem these points for gift cards or for downloading music.


Netflix has job openings for “Taggers”. Although these jobs do not come up too often, they are one of the best ways of earning money by watching TV shows and movies. Taggers are required to watch the titles and tag them correctly with the right genres.


This site pays you for watching YouTube videos. The pay, however, is not much as each video watched brings in just half a cent. However, if you are anyways watching the videos, there is no harm in watching them for half a cent anyway.

Professional TV watcher

Watching TV can be a paid job as well. Professional TV watchers are required to watch different shows and spot videos that can be used in other shows such as news programs or “The Daily Show.” The pay varies widely. Jimmy Kimmel’s show offered around $500- $600 per week, during 2005. You can check out EntertainmentCareers for possible job listings.

Get paid to watch movie trailers

You can earn some quick cash by watching movie trailers. All you need to do is share your honest opinions about the trailers. Research companies will reach out to you with the trailers and they will share the results with the movie companies to figure out which trailers are doing well. This is done before they are put out for publicity. Here are some of the market research companies that you can check out for this kind of opportunity.

  • Survey Spot
  • My Survey
  • Global Test Market
  • My View

Make Money Through Your Photography Skills

If you are into photography and love setting nice background and shooting pictures of nature, animals, people and everything under the sun, then you have a great location-independent business opportunity. Even though you might not be a pro in photography already, these opportunities give you plenty of time to learn and improve your skills while you earn.

Sell stock photos

There is a huge market for stock photos online. Plenty of people like bloggers, business owners and first-time website builders use stock photos for their blogs and websites. You don’t need to be a professional photographer but you can still make money by selling stock photos.

Unique photo items

Another creative way of using your photographs is by printing them on gift items and creating unique gifting options. You can print your pictures on wood, metal or canvas and sell them using e-commerce websites such as Etsy, Smugmug, or Zenfolio. There is a huge market for unique and quirky gifting objects so this can be a great place to start. You can also ensure that no two products are the same by making minor changes to the photos and making sure that the customers indeed get a unique product altogether.

Instagram photo opportunities

Given you have a large follower base and a particular niche that you cater to, you can actually sell some of your Instagram photos for a quick profit. Although these kinds of opportunities are not easy to come by, they are not impossible as well. Daniel Arnold is a guy who earned over $15,000 in one day by selling signed prints of his Instagram photos.

Create photo albums

Putting together old photos in one big photo album can be quite a tedious and daunting job. In today’s world, we don’t even have hard copies of photographs anymore. This is where you can pitch in and help people create beautiful albums filled with memories, in an aesthetically designed album. You can create these albums using Zookbinders. This is an interesting way to earn some good money by using your photography skills and your love for photographs. If you are a pro at organizing, this works even better.

Social media photographer

If you know what works well in social media, then you will make for a great social media photographer. Your job primarily will require you to attend events for your business clients and click pictures for them that will later be used for their social media efforts. This is a great way to work with both big brands and NGOs.

Earn Money by Posting on Pinterest

Earn Money by Posting on Pinterest

Pinterest is a wonderful place for people who like all things nice. Pinterest-addicts are not hard to come by. What is even better is that it is a great platform to earn some extra cash as well. This post tells you all about earning money by using affiliate links on Pinterest.

Why Pinterest is a great platform to work with affiliate links

There are over a 100 million pinners on Pinterest. So anything you share has a high likelihood of being pinned and shared many times over. Using affiliate links in your blog posts gets you multiple audiences for your post once it starts getting circulated. This increases the probability of readers and pinners clicking on the affiliate links thereby bringing you commissions for every purchase they make using those links.

How does this work?

You will be required to write about your experiences of some of your favorite products and why you like them or how they helped you. You can then add an affiliate link under the product description. Readers, who find your view of the product informative and your recommendation worth consideration, will go ahead and use that link to buy the product. When they use the link that you had shared on your Pinterest blog, you earn some commission. The readers/buyers are not charged anything extra for the product.

In short, you are simply being paid for using your effort for spreading the word about the product and are being paid for your marketing initiative, that is, bringing customers to the brand you are endorsing.

Do’s and don’ts of using affiliate links on Pinterest

  • Always disclose that you are using affiliate links in your post. This can be part of the description or you can insert a #affiliate at the end of your description. Pinterest and the affiliate companies both require you to disclose this fact when using such links in your posts. This is done to be in compliance with the FTC regulations and the affiliate network rules.
  • You should keep updating your pins. Adding affiliate links to products you have used and loved will create trust in your followers. Go through your older pins to see where you can update the links or add new affiliate links.
  • The title and description of your pins that use affiliate links should be straight to the point as they lead straight to the seller’s site. Use a couple of lines for a short introduction and always add a disclosure.
  • Don’t go overboard while using affiliate links. Always maintain the aesthetic of the brand and use the affiliate links tastefully. Done otherwise, it may be a turn-off for your followers.

5 ways of refining your website’s SEO to boost your search engine rankings

5 ways of refining your website’s SEO to boost your search engine rankings

With a majority of businesses expanding their internet presence to boost their sales and acquire more customers, it is becoming incredibly important to devise more aggressive digital marketing strategies to stay ahead of the curve. While search engine optimization or SEO can be touted as the Holy Grail of digital marketing, it is extremely important to understand its implication in increasing the ranking of your website on the search results page. Here is all you need to know about refining your website’s SEO to make it more visible to your potential audience.

Identify your niche

Before you go ahead and use your SEO tactics, you must first identify and establish your target audience. This implies that you should know who your customers will be, and what they will expect out of you. You can do this by taking the feedback of a few genuine customers and creating better content according to their needs and expectations.

Post relevant content

Another aspect of increasing the traffic on your website and ensuring a  higher number of conversions is publishing content that is relatable to your target audience. Content that is relevant to your customers leads to more traffic and a consequent enhancement in the reputation of your website. Identify keywords that are most likely to be searched by your audience and place them strategically in your content. This will ensure that whenever a user searches that specific keyword in his search engine, your website will pop up ahead of the others on the results page.

Use Anchor Text

Instead of using the traditional ‘click here’ phrase, incorporate hyperlinks that are imbedded to another piece of content on your webpage. Since anchor text or hyperlinks are given significant weightage by the various search engines, it is a good opportunity for you to employ the use of your keywords and create hyperlinks that are organically imbedded within your content.

Post new content frequently

If you do not wish to end up as a faint memory in your customer’s mind, it is absolutely essential for you to keep your website updated by posting fresh content on a regular basis. You can have your own blog for your website where you can post new content relevant to your industry and keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Most importantly, you must have patience to keep trying relentlessly, and your hard work will eventually pay off.


Strategies for starting a successful blog that everyone reads

Strategies for starting a successful blog that everyone reads

Although the idea of becoming a blogger and showcasing your creative insights and thoughts for the world to read seems to be quite simple and easy to work on, the fact is that blogging is not really cakewalk. While it is easy to create content of your liking and post it on the World Wide Web, getting people to actually read it is what requires maximum strategizing and efforts. Let us have a look at the various ways in which you can achieve the desired viewership of your blog and make it truly successful.

Know your niche

The first and most important aspect of creating a successful blog is defining your target audience right from the start and then going ahead with developing content that aligns with its reading preferences. This strategy will not only ensure that you deliver relevant content to an interested set of readers, but also make it simpler for you to promote your blog in the long run. You can identify your niche on the basis of a variety of factors including age, education, demographics, hobbies, special interests, occupation, religion and so on.

Establish a business model

Notwithstanding the temptation for launching your blog and posting your write-ups immediately after an interesting idea pops up in your head, it is important to have a clear understanding of how you are going to proceed with it. An effective strategic model is the key to the success of any business, and without being equipped with the right tools and structure you stand the risk of losing out on perspective. Identify your competition, your monetization strategies, ways in which you can make your content stand out in a sea of blogs and most importantly your expectation from your blogging business.

Choose a professional design

Let’s face it. The visitors to your blog will most probably end up judging it on their first impression of your website design, even before they go ahead and actually read the content that you posted. This is your opportunity to ensure that your readers are appealed by your blog design and have a good first impression of it. It is recommended that you invest adequately in getting your webpage deigned by a professional.

Ensure regular posting of fresh articles

Once you have acquired a dedicated audience, your next step is to retain it in the long run. The idea is to keep your audience engaged by offering them new and intriguing content on a regular basis. This not only ensures that your audience stays in touch with your work, but also minimizes the chances of them forgetting all about you, representing a classic case of ‘out of sight out of mind’.

The bottom-line is that it is only through strict dedication, undying passion and relentless efforts that you can achieve success in your blogging business.


Discover how to create an effective internet presence for your business

How to create an effective internet presence for your business

Given the increase in popularity of the internet as an effective channel for expanding a business, a majority of enterprises are now geared towards creating their online presence and reaching out to their target customers through the medium of the World Wide Web. However, without having a sound understanding of the required strategies and techniques, it is extremely difficult to utilize your internet presence to your advantage. Here are a few ways in which you can create an effective online presence for your business.

Identify your goals

The most critical aspect of establishing a business online is having a clear picture of your long term and short term goals. It is very important to constantly keep asking yourself as to what you wish to achieve and how you plan on going ahead with it. Instead of building your online presence because everyone else is doing the same, your main aim should be to utilize it for creating and maintaining a wider customer base, which is not possible by conventional means.

Create a professional website

Your website is the first point of contact between you and your audience, and it’s logical to say that it should be worthwhile. In addition to delivering relevant content about your products and services to your target audience, your website must have user friendly features and functionalities and an easy to navigate layout so that your customers do not have to spend hours obtaining a small piece of information from your website.

Expand your presence on the social media

With a majority of the population registered on at least one or all kinds of social networking websites, it is your chance to tap the immense benefits of utilizing the social media as a channel for the expansion of your business online. By registering your business and posting your ads and business content on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, you can not only showcase your offerings to your relevant audience located far and wide, but also give them a chance to reach out to you as well.

Create a Blog

One of the most popular ways of interacting with your audience and keeping them intrigued in your business is by getting them to read interesting stories and informational write-ups relevant to your industry. Create a nice informative blog and keep adding new posts to it frequently. Blogging not only feeds your website with fresh and interesting content that attracts the attention of your audience, but also gives them more reason to linger on your website for longer than usual.

The internet is a powerful channel to advertise you business and help it achieve the level of expansion and recognition that is extremely difficult to achieve through traditional offline marketing strategies.


Making money online: Review Websites and Apps

Making money online: Review Websites and Apps

Buying and selling has changed drastically since the internet became a household thing. One of the biggest companies in the world is Amazon, a site that lets you buy stuff sitting at home, but just like buying from a real store, you cannot just pick stuff off the net and ‘add to cart’. It has been found that people like to know what they are buying before putting down their cash. In fact, almost everyone who buys something has a lot of knowledge about their purchases. We are more informed as customers now more than ever before. Almost all the information that a person gets before buying a product comes from customer reviews that are not done by professionals.

The only real qualification that you need to write reviews online is to be aware of the products that you review. A good grasp of how to write a good review. Sites pay money for reviews of everything from movies to books, tech to toys, everything can be reviewed, and believe us, if there is a product online, there will be people who look for reviews.

Here are a few sites that pay for reviews

Vindale Research

It is not an outright pay for review site, but one that offers cashbacks to people who buy their products and come back to write reviews. That makes it a place that has reviews written only by those who actually use the product.

User testing

A website review site, you are asked to look into websites that are under construction so that the designers get real time feedback on what can be made better in the site. It is a site that uses the inputs of multiple people in the form of a panel.


Another review site that takes reviews only from actual users of products. You can redeem the points earned for money or send it to a charitable cause. You get additional points if people click on your review and read it.


A site that awards ratings to reviews that you post. Users are asked if the review made sense, and if they rate it well, you get paid.


A site that is perfect for bloggers. You start off by registering your blog and then post the reviews on your site. It includes reviews for products, websites, apps, and such things.


A popular review site that pays cash outright, provided you write on a trending product.

The trick is to write in a way that doesn’t make you seem like you were sponsored. For the most part, reviews should seem non biased. You need to take an outsider’s look on the subject and be as objective about the product as possible. An overly negative review is fun to read, but will undermine your credibility as a capable reviewer. An overly positive review will make you look amateurish and like a sponsored fan boy. Point out the pros and cons of the product and make an assessment. Unless the product really is awful or awesome.